Artists in residence since 2004

Over 300 artists have used our service

Here are the people who have attended a residency in France through our service. Please click on a year to access the list of artists.

Artists in residence 2017
Brown Owen painting USA website
Blocksome Rebecca visual arts, writing USA website
Carey Vivianne sculpture USA website
Coss Elizabeth painting Bali/USA no
Kamiya Masako painting USA website
Korte Petra visual arts Germany website
Lee Anita painting Mexico/USA website
McLaughlin Michael writing Mexico/USA website
Meyers Ashley photography USA website
Milton Patricia playwriting USA website
Papadopoulos Katherine visual arts USA website
Rodgers Anne Daniela visual arts Estonia no
sART DanseTeater dance Denmark website
Thomson Ellen-Hope dance Australia website
Tremblay Taychi Lise painting Canada website
Artists in residence 2016
Allen Tereza painting Canada website
Crozier Rachael photography, drawing, printmaking England  
Donk Kelsey writing USA website
Duquemin Judith painting England/Australia website
Huynh Christina illustration, design, painting Australia website
Lawson Laura J. visual arts USA website
Magee Christopher animation, filmmaking USA website
Miles Sedrick photography USA website
Miller Kaleena dance USA website
Nadeau Ed painting USA website
Santos Isabel painting, drawing Philippines website
Vander Ark Madison painting USA  
Williams Amy multimedia USA website
Artists in residence 2015
Crook Zoe performance New Zealand  
Fone Fredone visual arts Brazil website
Jardine Susan painting Canada/UK  
Khademi Kubra performance Afghanistan website
KwangWoo Kim installation South Korea  
Molostnova Daria painting Russia  
Quiroga Joana visual arts Brazil website
Shanahan Elizabeth painting USA website
Smith Dianne painting Australia  
Szabo Etienne visual arts Germany/France website
Wright Anthony sculpture USA website
Yi Wha theatre arts South Korea  
Ziniewicz Tanya visual arts USA website
Artists in residence 2014
Albert Suzanne D. painting USA website
Candlish Jack visual arts Canada  
Conley Christine visual arts, music USA website
Copland Sacha dance New Zealand website
Dohyeon Lee visual arts, performance South Korea/China  
Frank Billy Gerard filmmaker USA website
Frederick Dylan playwriting USA  
Greisman Elizabeth painting, dance Canada website
Harris Fukuko painting USA/Japan website
Javed-Augustine Arfan visual arts Pakistan  
Manguiat Linda painting USA/Philippines website
Seydoux Juliette visual arts USA/France website
Artists in residence 2013
Conwell Sally drawing, painting Australia website
DeBavelaere Alexander digital arts Canada website
Glickman Elise Visual arts USA website
Goodwin Rae visual arts, performance USA website
Hefty Emma visual arts USA/England website
Hoffman Cara literature USA website
Hogan Susan&William visual arts USA websiteSH websiteWH
Jung Yunsun visual arts UK/South Korea website
Kijne Rosa visual arts Netherlands  
Labraga Denise photography Argentina website
Lewis Wendy visual arts USA website
Merry Rebecca painting England website
Powell Valerie visual arts USA website
Romano Gita literature USA website
Schanen Deirdre painting USA website
Sherman Deborah&Carl visual arts, writing USA website
Temple Paula visual arts USA  
Tremblay Lise visual arts Canada website
Vizioli Valeria sculpture Argentina website
Artists in residence 2012
Afedzi-Hughes George visual arts USA/Ghana website
Bretzke Kristie visual arts USA website
Chung Joomi visual arts USA/South Korea  
Dorsey Marie Yoho visual arts USA/Japan website
Field Susan visual arts USA  
Hawkins Gillian visual arts England website
Kondo Chihiro visual arts Japan website
Lamb Jacqueline visual arts Australia website
Margraff Ruth playwriting, theatre arts USA  
Mariano Luciana painting Brazil website
Merry Rebecca painting England website
Nechak David visual arts USA  
Park Yiwon visual arts Australia/South Korea website
Paxton Michael visual arts USA website
Por Andrea visual arts Canada  
Safavi Reza Michael visual arts USA website
Saglik Esra visual arts Turkey  
Slaughter Alisa writing USA  
Stäcker Anke visual arts Australia/Germany website
Tompkins Jill painting Canada website
Yung Helen visual arts, performance, writing Canada website
Artists in residence 2011
Atkins Nick theatre arts Australia  
Badihian Mahnaz writing USA/Iran website
Collins Elliot visual arts, writing New Zealand  
Dhandre Ajay visual arts India  
Erpelding Chad visual arts USA website
Fatehrad Azadeh photography England/Iran website
Gaffney Marilyn visual arts Ireland website
Gibson Saidhbhín visual arts Ireland website
Haba Aaron sculpture USA website
Hines Jennifer visual arts USA website
Hirosawa Minami visual arts Japan  
Johnson Sue visual arts USA website
Keating Andrew visual arts USA website
Koenigs Kevin literature USA  
Kvassova Olga visual arts Netherlands/Russia website
Loucks Patricia textile art Canada website
Park Rachel visual arts Australia/South Korea
Perkins Jacob visual arts, writing USA  
Rochester Emma visual arts, performance Australia website
Schwartz Rebecca Leah writing Canada  
Singletary Brenda visual arts USA  
Stevens Lucy visual arts, sound England website
Toulouse Janice visual arts Canada website
Yung Helen visual arts, performance, writing Canada website
Artists in residence 2010
Armstrong Joel visual arts USA website
Boland Katherine visual arts Australia website
Chang Jui-Pin visual arts UK/Taiwan website
Chevali Marcy visual arts USA website
de Wette Julian & Charlotte writing/painting South Africa  
Duquemin Judith painting Australia/England website
Ehrhart Megan visual arts (animation) USA website
Forrest Elizabeth visual arts Canada website
Forsayeth Catherine painting, writing Australia/Spain  
Franco Carlos visual arts Puerto Rico  
Jaboulin Florence visual arts, writing France  
Judge Kathleen visual arts USA website
Koehn Krysten visual arts Switzerland/USA website
Kon Joanna visual arts Poland  
Lopez Philip visual arts USA  
Martin Josie visual arts New Zealand website
Melkozernova Arina video, photography, animation USA/Russia website
Molina Feliz Lucia writing USA/Philippines website
Pandji Melati painting Australia website
Radochia Kim sculpture USA website
Ramanathan Chitra visual arts USA/India website
Salt Britt visual arts Australia website
Sheridan Matt visual arts Singapore/USA website
Vaughn Kevin poetry USA  
Wright Caroline visual arts USA website
Artists in residence 2009
Alexander Joan photography Ireland website
Alsop Maureen poetry USA  
Chandler Robin writing, visual arts USA  
Chojnacki Caroline visual arts, music Canada website
Crosby Jerstin visual arts USA website
Dallett Lloyd painting USA website
Denton Allegra visual arts USA  
Duppati Sudhir visual arts New Zealand/India website
Ehrhart Megan visual arts (animation) USA website
Ekoseri painting Belgium  
Fraser Jewel literature Trinidad and Tobago website
Gammell Gretchen painting USA website
Ginn Angela painting North Ireland  
Lui John graphic design Hong-Kong/Canada website
Messing Jake painting USA website
Mihai Florin photography Roumanie  
Miller Hana music Indonesia/New Zealand  
Mustakallio Inga visual arts Switzerland/Finland
Perkins Jacob music USA/New Zealand  
Ressler Susan photography USA website
Ruuska Pekka visual arts Switzerland/Finland website
Schmidt Shannon visual arts, writing USA website
Smith Katie writing USA  
Taniguchi Chihiro visual arts Japan  
Tattoo Laura poetry USA website
Tellinga Martijn sound art Netherlands/China website
Verma Amitesh painting, drawing India website
Wolf Anelys visual arts Chili website
Yang Grace visual arts (photography) USA/Canada website
Zajac Will architecte USA  
Artists in residence 2008
Frantz Peter visual arts USA website
Krutina Alannah painting, drawing Canada website
Artists in residence 2007
Alvarez, Raquel Diaz writing Spain/Peru  
Blaive, Marc design France  
Bourgonje, Fleur writing Netherlands website
Busutil, Bridget painting, writing England  
Byrne, Fiona painting Ireland website
Cannarozzo, Lee painting USA  
Cardwell, Erica writing USA website
Cartiant, Marina visual arts France website
Cerda, Josep sculpture, sound Spain website
Chandler, Adam writing USA  
Clempson, Charlene visual arts England website
Cohen, Lital visual arts USA/Israel website
Dallett, Lloyd painting USA website
Davis, Phil painting England website
Ezenwoye, Ngozi painting Nigeria  
Ford, Diana new media Australia  
Ford, Kianga new media USA  
Gabriel, Daria visual arts USA website
Girona, Mercedes visual arts Spain website
Glenn Miller, Almeda writing Canada  
Goins, Jerry painting USA  
Goldberg, Hal sculpture USA website
Jermain, Kimberly painting USA website
Khadivi, Jesi visual arts USA
Kobayashi, Sonomi painting USA/Japan website
Le Falle-Collins, Lizzetta curating, writing USA  
Lewandowski, Mark writing USA  
Lie, Stephanie visual arts, new media USA website
Lin, Lien-Chen new media USA/Taiwan website
Maignant, Anne-Sophie photography France website
Montelius, Hans film director, screenwriter Sweden website
Moynihan, Amanda writing Ireland  
Mullen, Judith painting USA website
Negulescu, Maria visual arts USA website
Nguyen, Van painting USA/Vietnam  
Ortega, Andrea Architecture Spain  
Perdu, Lou sculpture, photography, video France website
Richey-Ward, Diane painting USA website
Riina, Joanne painting USA website
Shepard, Sadia writing, filmmaking USA website
Stephens, Pat painting USA  
Tabarand, Yvonne visual arts France website
Tyree-Francis, Paul visual arts USA website
Vaughn, Kevin poetry USA  
Woo, Eun Cho visual arts USA/South Korea website
Artists in residence 2006
Briginshaw Paul painting England website
Buitrago Adriana visual arts Belgium  
Bush Annette painting USA website
Castro Eliana visual arts Argentina  
Cerda Josep sculpture, sound Spain website
Cohen Lital visual arts Israel/UK website
Delabre Agathe fashion design France website
Delaunay Raphaelle dance France website
Edler Dorit painting Germany  
Fellerson Lisa painting USA website
Fichot-Vausort Marie-Jeanne visual arts Belgium  
Girona Mercedes visual arts Spain website
Glück Michael writing France  
Goldberg Hal Sculpture USA website
Guitart Esteve Carles painting Spain website
Jacobs Karen painting USA website
Kong Yee Chin painting, photography Malaysia website
Kötting Andrew film, video, writing England website
McClure Cheryl painting USA website
Ortega Andrea architecture Spain  
Papin Audrey visual arts France  
Perdu Lou sculpture, photography, video France website
Petrovich Sandra visual arts+poetry Uruguay & Belgium  
Raya painting USA website
Roberts Lesley writing Australia  
Rosette Nicolas digital arts France  
Roy Josep Sculpture Spain  
Sarda Anne visual arts France website
Scalettar Liana writing USA  
Stephens Pat painting USA  
Sulmont Nancy lithography France website
Szabo Etienne visual arts Germany/France website
Totzuka Shuzo sculpture Japan  
Vanorbeek Deev sculpture France/Belgium website
Walker Robin painting, photography USA website
Artists in residence 2005
Arianrhod Robyn writing Australia  
Blackthorne Morgan photography Australia  
Castro Eliana visual arts Argentina  
Cerda Josep sculpture+sound Spain website
Colin Jacques music France  
Colman Frank music France/Togo website
Desbrosse Dominique ceramic France website
Dumitras Maxim Sculpture Romania website
Duquemin Judith painting England/Australia website
Fransoy Raimon film, video Spain  
Janisset Michèle ceramic France  
Karim Arjumand ceramic Pakistan  
Kouzibaev Gairat painting Uzbekistan  
Lechevretel Christian music France  
Martin Eliza painting USA  
McCracken George fashion design USA  
Ortega Andrea Architecture Spain  
Peiro Hector Sculpture Spain  
Roest Maarten writing, photography Italy/Netherlands website
Santos Romero Marta Sculpture France/Spain website
Sapena Joan visual arts Spain website
Schlée Valérie poetry France website
Van den Bos Marike music Netherlands  
Vanorbeek Deev Sculpture France/Belgium website
Artists in residence 2004
Flagel Hervé Design France website
Totsuka Shuzo Sculpture Japan  
Cerda Josep sculpture+sound Spain website
Ortega Andrea Architecture Spain  
Mihai Paulina painting Germany website
Szabo Etienne visual arts Germany/France website
Ariza Eve visual arts Andorra/France website
Guardia Helena photography Andorra website
Mas Roger visual arts Andorra  
Ferrandez Cristina visual arts Spain website
Rufat Lluis visual arts Spain  
Barel Jan painting Netherlands website
Van Dalen Ton visual arts Netherlands  
Diallo Katja writing Netherlands  
Kunkeler Trudy sculpture (ceramic) Netherlands website
Van Lent Frans video, installation Netherlands website
Parleviet Nico sound, visual arts Netherlands website