Finding your residency

artistay, as a residency referral service, is intended for artists with a specific project of their own, looking for a place in France that will offer the ideal setting in which to complete it.

A quick and simple process
1. You send us your completed application.
2. We read it carefully and choose the most suitable place for your proposal from among the network of residencies we work with.
3. We submit your application to the chosen residency.
4. After your proposal has been accepted, we give you the name, website and contact details of the residency and of the director. You can then decide if the residency is really what you are looking for.
5. When we have found a residency that meets your requirements:
- if you already have the funding, you can reserve your place directly with the residency.
- if you are still looking for funding, we provide a letter of acceptance from the residency and do our best to help you find a suitable funding body.

Useful information
- We accept applications of experienced artists as well as of those seeking to establish a career and other art professionals.
- All residencies working with artistay are run by professionals with a background in the art world (for example, practising artists or teachers) willing to offer their guests whatever practical, personal or professional help they may require.
- Residencies accept applications that they feel match what they are able to offer.
- The host organizations are not in a position to give stipends or grants. Artists are therefore encouraged to approach their national and local arts councils, cultural agencies or foundations for financial assistance to cover the residency fees and travel costs. Applicants are welcome to get in touch with artistay for further details.
- We try to help applicants find an appropriate residency even if they have not yet secured their funding.
- For more information, please check our FAQs