Frequently Asked Questions

Who is artistay for?

artistay is a service for people from all over the world and with different cultural backgrounds, who are engaged in a professional process of research and creation. Visual artists, writers, choreographers/dancers, composers, architects… are all welcome to apply.

What services and facilities are offered by the residencies that artistay works with?

- They are artists’ retreats, all located in a rural environment, either in a village or in the countryside.
- They are run by professionals with a background in the art world (such as practising artists, teachers or art historians) who are keen to help their guests with practical, personal or professional matters.
- They can offer accommodation in individual bedrooms. Working spaces, shared cooking facilities, living spaces (sitting room, library...) are available on the premises.
- There are no application deadlines; the residencies accept artists' proposals on a rolling basis.

What does it cost?

artistay’s service is free of charge for applicants. However the residencies we work with are not in a position to offer accommodation to resident artists free of charge. Residents are expected to cover their own living expenses, studio rental and accommodation, whilst the host organizations provide all the necessary support to make your time there fruitful and enjoyable. Residents' costs range from about 700 to about 1,900 Euros a month. Residents are either self-funding or seek funding from arts organizations in their own country. Once you have been accepted by a residency, we provide a letter of support to assist your grant application.

Can I apply even if I haven’t secured any funding yet?

Yes, you can. If you intend to look for external funding, we recommend that you allow adequate lead time and that you therefore apply to grant programmes at least six months before the start-date of the residency - or, ideally, one year in advance. We’ll be happy to provide documentation such as a letter of acceptance and an estimate of costs, once your application has been accepted by a residency.

Why should I apply through artistay?

There are many advantages to using our service:
- With a single application, you can achieve your aim of finding a residency in France suited to your requirements;
- You save time and avoid possible frustrating rejections;
- We recommend a residency tailored to your requirements; but of course, you’re free to accept or decline our proposal;
- Our service is free of charge for you.

Do you work with residencies in Paris?

No. The residencies we work with are all located in a rural environment, either in the countryside or in a village or small town. None of them is situated in a city.

Can I come with my spouse/children?

Some of the residencies that we refer applicants to may welcome your partner/spouse. Very few are suitable for children.

Any other questions?

If there is anything else that you would like to know, and you can't find the answer in our FAQs, please get in touch with us here.